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Ten Reasons You Need to Have a Garden In The COVID-19 Environment.

It seems like an eon ago when the world turned upside down as they learned about COVID-19. I remember being in the office and hearing the multitude of conspiracy theories. No one knew what to believe. As a matter of fact, they still don't. I remember how there were many who had this apocalyptic point of view that the world was coming to an end and we had to get prepared. Everyone went a little bit crazy. They were emptying the grocery store shelves. You couldn't find paper towels or toilet paper. You couldn't get meat. And, you couldn't get canned goods either. As a matter of fact, I remember something about immigrant workers being turned away.... You know, the ones who come each year to replant the fields that replenish the supply of fruits and vegetables for the ever growing population of the United States.... But in those dark days, I can tell you that there is something very very valuable we should have all taken away from it. We'd become too dependent on our infrastructure for the basics. I mean things like food, hygiene, and daily items.

So with all that's going on around the world regarding the COVID-19 virus, here are ten reasons you need to have a garden of your own.
  1. Every family should be able to eat at least one meal a day without going to the grocery store.
  2. If there were no Walmarts or grocery stores open, you and your family should still be able to eat.
  3. The cost of living is beginning to go up at a higher rate.
  4. Mass unemployment is still a possibility with new COVID strains emerging. You still need to be able to eat if you do not have a job
  5. Better nutrition is available to those who have organically grown food
  6. Gardening provides exercise benefits and an escape from couch potato life
  7. Gardening enhances your personal landscape
  8. Gardening consistently can create a foundation for having an independent mindset.
  9. Limiting the number of trips you have to make to the grocery store and other public places reduces your chance of getting infected by COVID-19
  10. If a serious quarantine ever takes place where you are not allowed to travel, a garden may be critical to your family's survival.

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