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Five Reasons For Never Skipping Soil Preparation.

It never fails. Almost every want to be gardener waits for spring or summer and then they get bit by the "I want to have a garden" bug. And because of our busy schedules filled with unmanageable task like the kid's activities, taking care of parents, our jobs, and a ton of unending errands, we find ourselfs caught off guard and that's when we just decide to rush.... Yep, run down to lowes or your local county coop and grab some seeds. Get them all! Get every seed you see. You've decided to plant everything. You've grabbed a new shovel, a new hoe, and even a pair of gloves. Just to give everything a kick start, you even picked up a few seedlings and starter plants. Now it's time to get out there and make something happen. So, you start digging... and chopping, and tilling if you're fortunate enough to have a tiller. You even start laying out the rows. You're going to have tomatoes over here and carrots over there. You've decided to put cabbage on the end and watermelon in the middle. You've got it all figured out... and down go the seeds.... down go the starter plants... You're off to the races...and you're hoping for great luck... That's when you realize, there's something you forgot. Plant's need alot more than our excitement and desire to get started. They really need a fertile environment, care, patience, and lots of attention... And the first thing to get right with starting any garden is building a soil bed where your plants can thrive.

Here are five reasons you should never skip soil preparation.
  1. Every year, nutrients are depleted from the soil and for new plants to thrive, they need plenty of organic materiel in the soil
  2. Some soils are not ideal for growing vegetables for a variety of reasons. Adding compost, grass, peat moss, and leaves loosen hard clay soils and make them more viable for planting
  3. Paying attention to your soil's drainage is very important. There's nothing more disappointing than putting out alot of seed and watching them drown in standing water
  4. Whether you live in the woods or in the suburbs, you could have a pest problem. Often, this can be treated before you even get started. That way you aren't in an on-going battle when your plants come up.
  5. Preparation beats reaction when gardening. Especially when we are talking about our gardens being a source of food.

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